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WISC is a competency-based certification in skills development, from training and assessment to learning and performance. It is designed to meet the needs of training organisations to expand to overseas markets and to internationalise their products and services. WISC certification is referenced to the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) systems and yet complementary to overseas countries where there are existing national skill certification frameworks.

WISC designs and develops joint certification systems to align and map WISC Certification system with National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF).

We aim to provide an umbrella system for all the skilling activities being carried out beyond the respective national systems, thereby providing quality benchmarks in the concept, establishment and running of the various skilling initiatives. It will also align various skill development programs to standardized norms and processes, thereby reducing the multiplicity of norms and parameters that result in avoidable difficulties in implementation of the skilling initiatives.

Corporate Information

WISC Corporation is an international Skills Development Certification Body. WISC Certification Systems carries with it an assurance of quality, recognition and reputation of Singapore branding.
We provide global best-practice with inputs from overseas skills development authority into Singapore’s own Skills Framework.
We create international business opportunities for Training Organisations to venture overseas with WISC Certification.
We engage with international bodies and foreign governments to increase recognition and adoption of our certification through mapping and benchmarking with international frameworks such as Asean Qualification Reference Framework and India National Skills Development Framework.

We establish a network for internationalisation of training organisations through Global Partnership Alliance.

Executive Team

WISC Team consists of Quality Management, Business Development, Sector Skills, TAE Development and Credentialing Department.